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With more than 30 million coyotes killing nearly 100,000 livestock animals each year, coyotes are a problem that needs to be solved. We created a network of farmers and ranchers across the state of Montana, who need your help in managing this problem.


Projected Coyote Buying

Rockin WK hopes to unveil a coyote buying program soon. We are focused on wolves right now but as we grow, we will branch out. Your support helps us get closer to protecting our wild animals and livestock from wolves and coyotes. 


Find a Rancher

Explore our network of farmers and ranchers looking for help managing the surging number of coyotes plaguing their land and livestock. Access to this list is limited to Members only. 


Coyote Harvest

Get the latest info on harvesting Coyotes from Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. Coyotes are classified as "predators" so harvesting them is easier than wolves. If you do get one, drop us a line to let us know!

Coyote Facts

Jan. 3, 2020

Coyotes reproduce more rapidly than most other predators. Females have a gestation period of just 63 days and give birth to as many as 12 pups.


17,000 adult sheep and 57,000 lambs are killed by coyotes each year.

The Cost

There are 30 million whitetails nationwide, but coyotes now outnumber deer. As coyote populations increase in eastern states, deer populations decrease.


Coyotes carry mange, parvo virus, and rabies.

Cunning Killers

It is estimated that coyotes cause more than $85 million per year to ranchers, farmers, and wildlife each year.


Make a

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