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Rockin WK, Inc is committed to restoring balance to Montana’s ecosystem. Our mission is to reduce predators, protect livestock, create a healthy ungulate population again, and protect our way of life.


Wolves have dramatically changed the Montana landscape. There are many locations in Montana where wolves have reduced deer, elk, and moose populations by over 80%. Hunting and trapping are our most effective management tools. However, effectively hunting and trapping wolves takes a lot of time and money. This is where Rockin WK comes in.


Rockin WK is a licensed fur-buying operation registered by the State of Montana. We operate 100% from donated money. We offer a fair price for wolf skulls and it is our goal to pay up to $1,500.00 per wolf skull. This provides an incentive for people to get out and get involved in the harvest of wolves and help to offset expenses associated with hunting and trapping.


To date Rockin WK has raised thousands of dollars; purchased over 50 wolves; and saved countless elk, deer, moose, and livestock; connected trappers and hunters with ranchers; introduced hundreds of people to predator control; and aided several predator hunters/trappers stay in pursuit of wolves.


Being a Montana-based company, all donated money stays in our state and protects our citizens—your money will not leave our state. We remain traditional—the fur trade is what founded our state and country. What better way to protect it again?

wolf pelts
Wolf on a Sled
wolf photo from Todd Orr
trail cam from Todd Orr 1
trail cam from Todd Orr
wild boar harvest

The History of Rockin WK


Rockin WK, Inc. formed in 2019 in response to the need for farmers, ranchers, and other people invested in the health of their animals to have an avenue to advocate for the management of the predators decimating their herds and the wild places of the Northwest United States. 

Today, Rockin WK is a coalition of members, landowners, and businesses working to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Rockin WK has chapters across Montana and Wyoming where you can participate in our skull-buying program, annual banquets, and educational programs. Together, we help keep Montana and Wyoming wild.



Annual community nights with great food, fun prizes, and good friends.  

Rockin WK Banquets are the highlight of our year!


Skull Buying

Skull Buying

To help promote healthy ecosystems and the management of predators, Rockin WK runs a skull buying program. We buy skulls of predators that were legally harvested and have all of the supporting information showing tags and licenses. 

The Skull Buying Program is only available to Rockin WK members. Most people use this money to help recover the costs associated with harvesting wolves, coyotes, and feral hogs. 

Prices vary for different types of predators. For more information, contact us or become a member.


Find a chapter near you or start a new one!

Rockin WK has local chapters across Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho with more coming soon. 

Rockin WK has active chapters in Kalispell, Libby, Trout Creek, and Stevensville. 

Can't find a chapter new you? It's easy to start one! We give you the materials you need and walk you through the process. 

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