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The Predators

Rockin WK works tirelessly to protect our wildlands from various predators across our landscape. Mainly, we work with wolves, but we also monitor coyotes and feral hogs. 


To date, Rockin WK has saved thousands of deer, elk, and moose by buying over 500 wolves. Not to mention helping your livestock sleep easier at night! Get the details about wolves and our wolf programs here. 



Coyotes often take a backseat to wolves in the predator conversation, but they are responsible for large livestock and wild animal deaths across the state. Get the latest on what Rockin WK is doing to help protect our herds and livestock by managing coyotes. 


Feral Hogs

Feral hogs aren't a problem in Montana . . . yet. And we want to keep it that way. Feral hogs are wreaking havoc across the US in states like California and Texas. While it's illegal to harvest feral hogs in Montana right now, we are actively working with MT FWP to ensure this invasive species doesn't get a foothold in our backyard. 


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